Work by Jose Antonio Ojeda
View of the casting moldThe molds casted in plaster The book.Mural and figure, in StudioInstallationSide view, InstallationThe book and figure - DetailInstallation - DetailInstallationInstallationInstallation - Floor DetailInstallation - DetailPapel PicadoPapel PicadoPapel PicadoPapel PicadoInstallation - DetailInstallation - DetailInstallation - Interaction DetailPapel Picado - Luis Ortiz detailPapel PicadoInstallation description and Cardsartist talkPeruvian folk dancerPeruvian folk dancergroup pictureInstallation - Again in StudioMisQueridos project logo
Mis Queridos

Mis Queridos is a project where I collect the names and memories of deceased loved ones and record them in a small notebook, and then create an accompanying sculpture. The work is on going. This manifestation was first installed at the Medical Center at Stony Brook University in 2009, and then again in my studio.