Work by Jose Antonio Ojeda
4 + Phi Beta SigmaChi Upsilon Sigma Drop Letters TikiLUL Set of 8 Hanging LettersAlpha Phi Alpha Drop Letters TikiLUL - The Ancient - BATAN tikiLUL Shield with SymbolLUL Symbol - The FirstSLU Drop Letters customizedSLU Symbol Outline detailedSLU Symbol customizedSLU #8 TikiLUL Psycho PsiLUL Old School CrestAlpha Phi Alpha Phrozen Pharoah TikiSLU Crest TikiSigma Iota Alpha Crest TikiSLU Pansy and Symbol TikiLUL Symbol TikiLUL Symbol TikiLUL Panamerican TikiLUL SOLO tikiLUL Shield with Symbol tikiLUL Crest OutlineLUL Detailed CrestLUL small tman pendantLUL Large Tman with DetailLUL Tman CustomizedLUL Ancient tikiSLU Symbol OutlineLambda Pi Chi - Butterfly 1988 TikiLambda Pi Chi Butterfly TikiLambda Pi Chi - Woman tikiLambda Pi Chi tikiSigma Iota Alpha Unicorn TikiAPiO Queen Bee TikiAlpha Tau Omega Mermaid TikiLambda Theta Alpha Conch/Lady TikiOmega Psi Phi - Large Omega Tiki#1 SOLO tiki#2 SLU tikiLUL - I looked Up to the Sky Arrow tikiSLU Drop LettersLambda Theta Phi TikiPhi Iota Alpha TikiAlpha Kappa Phi TikiAlpha Pi Omega Tiki

Greek Tikis are hand crafted from metal (brass, nickle silver, or other) and fashioned with a satin chord and beads.

Designs can be customized with names, numbers, line information, etc.