Work by Jose Antonio Ojeda
Awning skeletonDoors, In ProcessDoors, in processBodega Exterior Walls, in processBodega Interior, WindowsBodega Interior, in processBodega Interior, in processBodega, Exterior Bodega, ExteriorBodega, exteriorBodega, Awning detailBodega, exteriorBodega, Exterior

“La Bodega” is an experimental hybrid exhibition space/artist studio. It is themed after the local neighborhood ‘Bodega’ or corner store. While the name is in Spanish, the concept of the “corner store” as a community center, a place where one goes for convenience and necessity, is a universal concept. We all bring our own experiences and preconceived notions about corner stores with us - but my hope is to provide a space for emerging artists to exhibit their work to a receptive community.

The project/space is still at it’s infancy, but the community will dictate it’s path.

La Bodega Gallery is located at the MFA Studios at Stony Brook University, NY.